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  • Jobs and Skills


Each character has access to 3 types of jobs.

  • Main Job
  • • Determines equippable items.
    • Determines stats distribution.
    • Determines stat growth.
    • Able to use learned skills from this job.
  • Sub Job
  • • Able to use learned skills from this job.
  • Unique Job (Unable to Change)
  • • Able to use learned skills from this job.

Types of Jobs

By advancing the Job Level of your current jobs, you will fulfill requirements to unlock new jobs.
Some jobs require leveling up multiple jobs to unlock.

Physical Combat Type

  • A base of all fighting job types. Their stat growth is low, but if you train them to a certain level, it's recommended to change their job to Samurai or Archer. But, Warriors have all the necessary skills to be tanks, such as "Taunt," "Guts," "Equip Shield," and more, so you should most likely keep it as your Sub Job.
  • "Taunt" will increase your own Impurity. It's a must-have skill for tanking.
  • "Heavy Blow" is an attack that sacrifices AIM. It's recommended to use with a passive skill that enhances your AIM.
  • A key front-row attacker that is very flexible. Samurai have various attacks. For example, "Wrist Strike" and "Body Pierce" are break-type attacks that lower the enemy's ATK, and "Swallow Slash" and "Dragon Strike Flash" can attack enemies from a distance. Use different skills according to the situation to defeat enemies efficiently.
  • "Gale Attack" is a Ki-element, long distance attack. Its range is wide, and is very effective on small maps.
  • "Dragon Strike Flash" is a physical attack that attacks 6 vertical spaces at once. Draw enemies close and attack them all at once.
  • An intermediate level job that specializes in the Move and Jump stats, and also uses bows and crossbows for long-range attacks. Using the "Move+1" passive skill increases their range of motion. Also, "Poison Attack" and "Sparking Flash" are long-range attacks that have additional effects. This job can support the party from behind.
  • "Charge" is a skill that increases ATK for the next turn. Use it before enemies step within your range.
  • "Heavenly Drop" rains multiple flame arrows down on enemies. Try using it when animal-type enemies are gathered in one place.
  • A more advanced job class than Warrior and Samurai, it features high HP and DEF. Their close-range physical attacks are appealing, but "Barricade," a higher version of "Guts," will reduce damage received by 10%. They can stand in front of enemies as the ultimate tank.
  • An advanced job class that has a high ATK, and uses both close and long range weapons. Their specialty is "Dual Wield," which allows them to equip two weapons. Seeing how well they can slash through enemies can give you a pleasant feeling.
  • An advanced version of the Archer job class, they use bows and crossbows, and can run across the battlefield setting traps with their high Move stat. They can use various long-range attacks with status effects, and they can take on the role of long-range physical attackers, as well.

Recovery Support Type

  • Priest is the standard healing support job class, but their stats are not that high. You will want to move up to a better job. But, you should train until you learn "Proficiency+," a passive skill that increases your JP earnings.
    Your growth speed for skill will noticeably increase after learning that skill.
  • "Recovery Prayer" is a healing skill that will be highly prized at the beginning. If you focus and distribute your JP properly, you will be able to train it so that it can fully heal a single ally.
  • "Exorcism Prayer" will let you recover from status conditions. As you increase the skill level, you can heal different status effects.
  • Monk is a healing support type, but they have high HP and DEF, and can be effective from the front or back rows. They have skills like "Jump+1" and "Shortcuts" that increase their mobility, which will definitely come in handy on high altitude stages.
  • "Herb Studies" is a very useful skill that recovers an individual's HP and status effects at the same time. By leveling up this skill, you can recover from various types of status effects.
  • "Shortcuts" lets you increase your Move for a few turns. You can use this to go between the front and back rows to support allies.
  • Shintoist is a powerful job class that can heal many allies at once or charge them with elements. However, their Impurity tends to increase quickly, and if they go too far ahead, they'll be targeted right away. Make sure to keep an eye on their Impurity.
  • "Bravery Ritual" increases the ATK and AIM of all allies in range. You should use it at the beginning of a battle.
  • "Metempsychosis" increases the possibility an ally may survive a deathblow with 1 HP remaining.
  • Shinobi is an advanced job class that features high EVD and Move stats, which are enriched with various skills. They use skills that frustrate enemies, such as "Water-Escape," "Konohagakure," and "Cicada", and they has a unique skill that let's them teleport, "Illusion." Teleport behind an enemy and use "Foul Murder." They have a flexible battle style.
  • Barrierist is unlocked by leveling up the Hunter and Conjurer jobs. It's a unique, advanced support/defense type of job class. They heal and enhance resistances. Like hammering down a wedge, placing a Barrierist in the front row will stabilize your advancement.
  • An advanced job class exclusive for males that can be unlocked by leveling up as a Shintoist. They attack and interrupt enemies by the sacred sounds they offer to the Gods. They have many wide-ranged skills that debuff enemies. Their abilities are very effective for turning the tide of battle.
  • An advanced job class exclusive for females that can be unlocked by leveling up as a Shintoist. By offering dances to the Gods, they can heal and support allies. Unlike Ritualists, they have many buff skills that enhance recovery, and as an improvement over Shintoists, they offer great support to the party.

Offensive Spellcasing Type

  • Magician is a useful job class at the beginning. Their skills are very powerful, and they are definitely main attackers. Also they have "MP+" and "Meditation," which allows them to recover their own MP. They have various skills and worth learning.
  • "Cyclone Spell" is a ki element skill that has a wide attack range. It's also very effective against aerial enemies, like hawks.
  • "Meditation" is a useful skill that recovers MP without using any MP. You should use it when the battle begins.
  • Spiritualist is an evolved version of the Magician job class. They use wide-ranged magic attacks, so they can effectively cast spells in areas with a lot of enemies. However, many of their skills consume a lot of MP, and there are times when you'll want to use their spells consecutively.
  • "Fiery Words" is one of the most powerful magic spells at the beginning. Lure enemies in and annihilate them all.
  • "Dual Destruction" deals great damage to opponents' HP and MP. It can make them incompetent.
  • Incantors inflict status effects with skills like "Poison Curse" or "Slow Curse." Status effects in GOD WARS are very effective, so it's important to utilize them to gain an advantage in battle.
  • "Paralysis Curse" is a skill that immobilizes an opponent. It's effective when you want to immobilize a healer, or interrupt an opponent's turns.
  • "Devil Gate" randomly selects 3 of 7 status effects to inflict. Opponents that are inflicted with 3 status effects are pretty much useless.
  • Celestial is an advanced version of Spiritualist, who have mastered powerful, wide and long-range magic attacks. Many magic attacks have elemental effects, and they are all powerful, but they consume a lot of MP. But, they have the "Reduce MP Cost" passive skill, so if you combine it with "MP+" or "MP Recovery+," you can make them the centerpiece of your offense.
  • Elemental is unlocked by leveling up the Spiritualist and Incantor jobs. It's an advanced job class that features high DEF, and they're able to equip front row weapons. They can inflict status effects, use long-range elemental attacks, heal HP/MP, and can equip all weapons except axes, bows, or crossbows. They're well-rounded and can help in any situation.
  • Confucian is an advanced version of Incantor. They can control time and use interruption skills. They can use the skills "Time Forward" and "Time Wind" to control the number of turns buffs and debuffs last. They're also the only ones who can use "Hostility," which manipulates Impurity. You can control the flow of battle, depending on how you use them.